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Transfer Report FOR OVERNIGHT DELIVERY TO AQHA 1600 QUARTER HORSE DR AMARILLO TX 79104 MAILING ADDRESS P. We authorize AQHA to record the transfer of ownership of the horse upon AQHA s receipt of all required transfer items. COMPANY NAME FEES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE Transfer fee for current AQHA or AQHYA Member. 15 a 12-month AQHA Member. 5. Consult the AQHA Official Handbook regarding transfer rules or contact AQHA 6. Remit appropriate fees the transfer report and the Certificate...
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This video is a tutorial on the AQHA transfer report first things first you'll need to go to HOH a comm to download the form on the left hand side of the AQHA website you'll see the third tab from the left is the forms if you want to print the form off and fill it out by hand you'll click here or there is an interactive version of this form right here where you can fill out all of the information online by typing it in yourself you will still have to print the form to receive the seller's signature and to mail it in but you can type in all of your answers here the form is broken down into four basic sections the horse the seller the buyer and the fees starting at the top you'll notice underneath where it says transfer report we have our mailing address for both regular mail and overnight delivery it also lists our telephone number and our fax number there are our instructions at the top of this form giving you basic guidelines on how to complete the transfer report and what all to include when mailing it back in first things first you'll want to fill out your horses information you list your horses register name as it appears on the certificate and the registered number if your horse has been gelded please indicate above if you know the date of when the gelding occurred please list it next to the yes box if you don't just leave blank and we'll just update the gender with today's date if you're transferring an unregistered foal please indicate the foals date of birth and the name and registered number from both side and damned if this is the case you will leave the name and the number of the horse blank as it has not been assigned one in the buyers information you'll see your date of sale now this is the date of the possession of the horse rather than the date you're filling out this particular form directly below is where you're going to list your information as the buyer if this is for a current AQHA account please feel free to live stewart AQHA ID number on the right hand side if this is for a new account or for a joint name needs a new account to be set up you can either leave the buyers ID number blank or write the word new please list your name in the buyers line how you would like it to appear on your AQHA ID number once it has been set up for either you or the joint owner below is where you will fill in your mailing address this is where you'll want all of your paperwork to go when it's being processed from the AQHA please also list your daytime telephone number and a good email in case we have any questions or concerns below you'll see the section for seller sellers information can also be typed in through the interactive form but this signature does have to be physically signed on the paper that is being mailed in this also has a section for the sellers mailing address and if it is a new mailing address if you just fill in the little circle on the side to let us know so that we can update that information if you've purchased the horse...